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BAMnet®, as a service, was founded in 1994 and later trademarked in 1997. The service name was incorporated in 1998 (BAMnet Corporation) as a method to consolidate multiple technologies from various companies under one corporate structure. The company is headquartered in Hamilton, New Jersey, USA.



Primary service offering is providing Metered Internet access services, connecting people to the Internet rated on a per minute basis.

The company was incorporated as an Interexchange (IXC) Long Distance telephone provider and created the Nation's first 10-10-2000 Internet access product. Without usernames or passwords, people could connect to the Internet by configuring their computers to dial 10-10-2000. The costs were charged to the customer's local phone bill as a toll call. Due to changes in the telecommunications industry, including market conditions, the 10-10-2000 product was shut down in early 2004.

Today, the Company's primary product offering remains dialup Internet access services spanning the United States as well as 47 different countries. In addition to dialup services, the company manages Wi-Fi Internet access services in 16 countries.


Board of Directors:

BAMnet Corporation, has a three member Board of Directors. The company's Certificate of Incorporation provides for a staggered Board of Directors, with each Director being elected for a three-year term.

Michael J. Meighan, Chairman & President
David L. Sobin, CEO
Jon Colin, F&J Investments, Inc.


Michael J. Meighan, Chairman

Michael Meighan founded BAMnet Corporation in December 1998 as a way to consolidate a small group of individuals and technologies into the BAMnet® Internet service. Mr. Meighan joins BAMnet Corporation from BAM Compugraphyx, Inc., a company he founded in 1992 which serviced the architectural community in providing computer/network access related services to architects which included modem dialup Bulletin Board type services.

Trademarked "BAMnet" in 1997 as an online access service.

Mr. Meighan's expertise include telecommunications topology, modem access technologies, and advanced communications.


David L. Sobin, BAMnet Corporation

David Sobin was appointed CEO and Director in August, 2000.

A 24-year AT&T/Lucent Executive, Mr. Sobin led the team which created the first DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) product in the early 1980's and deployed it nationwide. He left AT&T/Lucent in 1996 to found his own DSL company, which was subsequently sold for approximately $50M in 1998.

Mr. Sobin holds BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Polytechnic University in Brooklyn, New York.


Jon Colin, F&J Investments, Inc.

Jon Colin has more than twenty-five years' experience in senior management of both public and private corporations. After beginning his career in public accounting, Mr. Colin served as Controller, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in several companies. From 1987 to 1996, Mr. Colin was the President and Chief Executive Officer of Environmental Services of America, Inc. (ENSA), a publicly-traded environmental services company with $40M in revenue, 17 locations nationwide and 350 employees. The company was sold in 1996 and Mr. Colin has since been consulting with companies on capital sourcing, mergers and acquisitions.

Today, Mr Colin serves as the CEO of a medical services company with $70M in revenue, and 700+ employees nationwide.


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