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How To Configure:

- Windows Vista
- Windows XP (pro)
- Windows XP (home)
- Windows 2000
- Windows NT 4.0
- Windows ME
- Windows 98
- Windows 95
- Windows CE
- Windows CE 2.0
- Windows CE 2.11
- Windows CE 3.0
- Windows Mobile
- Pocket PC
Pocket PC 2002
Pocket PC 2003
- Macintosh 8 & 9
- Macintosh OS X
- Palm OS .pdf
- Linux / Unix *

*Contact us for details

How To Use: 

- AOL 4 - 7
- WebTV



 How to: Windows CE 2.0
Use the directions below to create a dial-up connection for the
Windows CE 2.0 operating system.

Double-tap My Handheld PC, then Program Files, followed by Communications.



Double-tap Remote Networking. Double-tap Make New Connection.

Note: If your modem is not inserted, insert it now.


Type "BAMnet" in the Type a name for the connection box. Select "Dial-Up Connection" under Connection Type. Tap Next to continue.



Select your appropriate modem from the list. Tap TCP/IP. Make sure Server assigned IP address, Use software compression, and Use IP header compression are all checked. Tap OK in the upper-right part of the screen. Tap Next to continue.


Enter Country code (for U.S., enter 1), Area Code, and Phone number. If dialing our 1-800 number, make sure the box for Force long distance is checked. Tap Finish to complete the process.

Visit our Dial-Up Number page and choose your desired dialup number.

Notes: If dialing our U.S. 1-800 modem number, enter 800 as the area code, then 737-7530 as the telephone number. If dialing one of our non-800 style numbers (see list), use the calling format that works for the area you are in. For example, if no area code is required when dialing, you might only need XXX-XXXX as the number to dial. Each country/state have their own calling formats. For more information on calling patterns including access from Hotels, visit our Helpful Tips section in the upper right corner of this page.


Test the connection by dialing up.

Where do I find the BAMnet connection?

Double-tap My Handheld PC, then Program Files, then Communications, then Remote Networking. Double-tap the connection for BAMnet. Enter your user name and password, make sure the phone number to the right reads "T18007377530", and tap Connect.

Note: Add "@bamnet" to the end of your user name. For example username@bamnet. Important: do not add ".com" to the end of @bamnet - this will not work!

Once connected, always remember to disconnect when finished using the Internet!


What do I do now? Upon a successful modem connection, open the built-in Internet browser, or configure your device for email, and start using the Internet. When finished browsing, please remember to disconnect from BAMnet.


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