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 How to: Windows XP (pro)
Use the directions below to create a dialup connection for the
Windows XP Pro operating system. Depending on how your Windows XP is currently configured, you might find that you need to skip forward on a few of the steps listed below.

Click Start, then click Control Panel.



Double-click Internet Connections icon.

From within the Control Panel window, double-click Network and Internet Connections icon to continue.


Click Change your Internet Connection.

Depending on your version of Windows XP, you might see an option for "Create a New Connection" in the upper left. Clicking this link will take you to step #5 below. Otherwise, clicking "Set up or change your Internet connection" will pop-up the Internet properties window as shown in step #4.


Click Setup from the Properties window.



New Connection Wizard - Click Next to continue.



Select Connect to the Internet, then Next to continue.


Select Set up my connection manually, then Next to continue.



Select Connect using a dial-up modem, then Next to continue.

If you have multiple modem drivers installed, clicking on Next will popup a window asking for you to select a modem. Choose the proper modem, then click Next to continue on to Step 9 below.


Enter BAMnet as the ISP Name, click Next to continue.

Entering BAMnet as the ISP Name will help you locate this connection when trying to connect.


Enter phone number to dial, click Next to continue.

Visit our Dial-Up Number page and choose your desired dialup number. Enter the number in the space as shown above. Click Next to continue.

Notes: If dialing our U.S. 1-800 number, enter the entire number as 1-800-737-7530. If dialing one of our non-800 style numbers (see list), use the calling format that works for the area you are in. For example, if no area code is required when dialing, you might only need XXX-XXXX as the number to dial. Each country/state have their own calling formats. For more information on calling patterns including access from Hotels, visit our Helpful Tips section in the upper right corner of this page.


Enter User name and Password, click Next to continue.

Enter your User name and Password exactly as you entered it during signup. These items are case sensitive so if you used any capitalization, it will be required here. Add "@bamnet" to the end of your user name. For example username@bamnet. Important: do not add ".com" to the end of @bamnet - this will not work!

The 3 sub-options are your choice; none are required. If BAMnet is going to be the only Internet access connection for your computer, select Make this the default Internet connection. Selections are made if there is a "check mark" in the box.


Click Finish to complete the process.

If you would like to create a shortcut to BAMnet on your desktop, place a "check mark" in the box as shown above

Upon clicking Finish, a new connection for BAMnet will be created. If you have difficulty finding the new BAMnet connection, click Start, click Connect To, and from the list of available connections click BAMnet.

Click Dial to let your computer dial BAMnet.

What do I do now? Now that you created the connection, test it by dialing into BAMnet. Upon a successful modem connection, open either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape and start browsing the Internet. When finished browsing, please remember to disconnect from BAMnet.


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