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 How to: Windows Mobile
Use the directions below to create a dial-up connection for the
Windows Mobile operating systems.

Tap Start, then Settings, then Connections.

Note: The connections link can be found across the bottom of screen.

2] Tap the Connections icon.

Tap Add a new modem connection.

Note: usually under the title My ISP.


Type "BAMnet" in the Enter a name for the connection. Select the appropriate modem from the list (most likely Cellular Line or Hayes Compatible). Tap Next.

There are 4 or 5 preinstalled modem options to choose from:
- Bluetooth
- Cellular Line
- Cellular Line (GPRS)
- Generic IrDA
- Hayes Compatible on COM1

Select Bluetooth if you are connecting your PDA to a cell phone via bluetooth technology (both devices would need to support bluetooth). Select Cellular Line if your PDA is a combo PDA/Cell Phone, where you are dialing into BAMnet's modems. Select Cellular Line (GPRS) if your PDA is a combo PDA/Cell Phone, where you purchased high-speed wireless from your cell service provider's GPRS wireless network. Select Generic IrDA if you are connecting your PDA to a Cell Phone via Infrared port (both devices would need to support IrDA). Select Hayes Compatible on COM1 if your PDA has a 56k Modem card installed where you you will plug your PDA directly into a land line phone jack usually found on the wall.


Enter Modem dial-up number. Tap Next.

Visit our Dial-Up Number page and choose your desired dialup number.

Notes: If dialing our U.S. 1-800 modem number, enter 1-800 as the area code, then 737-7530 as the telephone number. If dialing one of our non-800 style numbers (see list), use the calling format that works for the area you are in. For example, if no area code is required when dialing, you might only need XXX-XXXX as the number to dial. Each country/state have their own calling formats. For more information on calling patterns including access from Hotels, visit our Helpful Tips section in the upper right corner of this page.


Enter your Username and Password. Leave Domain empty. Tap Finish to continue.

Your username is the name you created during account sign-up. Please remember to add "@bamnet" to the end of your username. For example username@bamnet.

Important: do not add ".com" or ".net" to the end of @bamnet - this will not work!

7] Tap OK (upper right) to return to the main screen.

Test the connection by dialing up.

Windows Mobile networking is an automated connection process. You will need to define which network configurations are to connect first, with secondary network connections trying their attempts if your primary connection attempt fails. There is no specific icon to click to start the dialing process.

Tap Start, then Settings, then Connections. The connections link can be found across the bottom of screen.

Now tap the Connections icon. The screen shows your connection types with either Create New or Manage Existing. Tap Manage Existing which will show a list of all existing modem connection types. Choose the one that you want your PDA to always try first. Tap OK when finished.

After tapping OK (from above), you'll be back on the Connections screen. Tap Advanced which can be found across the bottom of the screen. Tap Select Networks, and select one of the network types that you would like your PDA to use first before moving to the next connection option.

What do I do now? If you are using a 56k modem, make sure phone line is plugged into wall. Open the built-in web browser, or email software. You'll notice your PDA automatically tries connecting to your preferred connection.

When finished browsing (or using email), please remember to disconnect from BAMnet.


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