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Troubleshooting BAMnet

Help, my username won't connect!
My Situation:
When dialing BAMnet, a window pops up asking for my username and password. I cannot get past this screen.

Our Suggestion: Usernames and passwords are case sensitive. Make sure you entered your username and password using the exact upper or lower case characters that you entering during account sign-up.

Usernames need to have "@bamnet" on the end. For example "username@bamnet" would be a valid username.

If you are certain upper and lower case characters are properly placed, check for blank spaces. There should not be any blank spaces within your username and that includes checking for spaces before or after your username. Completely delete the username and password, make sure there are no spaces in the input box, and retype your username and password.

Note: After entering your password, you might notice the input field showing the password contains ******************** a long line of stars, much longer then your password. This is a security measure used by dialup networking to "mask" the actual length of your password.

And lastly, your account could be out of minutes. Log in to our customer admin to access details about your account including time remaining.
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Dialing via an outside line but getting a busy signal!
My Situation:
I'm at a phone that requires an "outside line" prior to making a call such as in a hotel room. I configured my computer for the outside line and tried connecting to BAMnet, but my computer says the line is busy.

Our Suggestion: We've found that if the pause (delay) between dialing the outside line digit and then dialing BAMnet's dial-up number is too short, then your computer will often report a busy signal. This is because the phone system at your location was not ready to accept the outgoing call. We recommend manually inserting commas between the outside line digit and BAMnet's dial-up number (i.e. 9,,1-800-737-7530 or any of our modem numbers). See below for more details.

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Need to dial a digit to get an outside line
My Situation:
The location I'm at requires that I first dial "9" (or any digit) prior to making a phone call. I'm having trouble connecting.

Our Suggestion: Most dial-up software have features that allow you to click properties and check the box "Dial '9' for an outside line". However, we often find that the delay is too short in-between the time when your computer dials the digit for the outside line and dials BAMnet's number. As an example, Windows 98 handles dialing outside lines by inserting a space in-between the required digit and BAMnet's dial-up number (i.e. 9 1-800-737-7530 or any of our modem numbers). We recommend prior to dialing, place your mouse overtop the dial-up number and insert a comma to increase the delay (i.e. 9,1-800-737-7530). Each comma represents a momentary delay so if it appears you are still having troubles gaining an outside line, you could add a second comma to increase the delay.

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Modem Troubles
My Situation:
I have been able to dial BAMnet's modem number, and can hear the modems connect, but all my modem does is make a long steady connection noise and then disconnects after about 1 minute.

Our Suggestion:
Depending on the location you are calling from, there is a telecommunications error that is causing too much line noise for a dialup modem to work properly. We found the most common cause is a location that has DSL (high speed Internet) where you are missing the DSL line filter in-between your computer's modem and the phone wall outlet.

Other common solutions have been for notebook computer users, try running the notebook computer on battery versus power from the wall outlet. Sometimes there is too much "noise" in the power line and that can cause problems for your notebook computer, especially in modem communications.
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