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PDA Internet Access
Local Dial-up at 1-cent Per-minute (U.S. Currency)

Internet access within the lower 48 contiguous United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada at 1-cent per-minute (or less). And no monthly access fees to worry about. Works with all notebook computers, PDAs, Palms, Handhelds and includes access from payphones or using your cell phone as a modem. Visit our sign-up page for details on pricing.

Search our full list of 31,000+ Dialup Numbers for available locations.

The same username/password you create works for local dial-up, 1-800 dial-up, International dial-up as well as access to our Wi-Fi hotspot locations.

1-800 Dial-up (U.S.)
  1-800 dial-up access is available from within the lower 48 contiguous United States at 6.5 (six and one-half) cents per minute (or less). 1-800 dial-up access is also available from other locations such as Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Guam at a higher rate. Visit our sign-up page for details on pricing.
International Dial-up
  Dial-up access is available from 47 countries at the rate of 13 cents per minute (or less) -- visit our sign-up page for details on pricing.
Wi-Fi Hot Spot access at 12-cents Per-minute
  Connect using BAMnet's Wi-Fi access network. Cost is 12 cents per minute. See our Wi-Fi page for details.
How do I connect my PDA to the Internet?

BAMnet uses your PDA's built-in dial-up software to connect. Simply sign up for BAMnet's service, configure your PDA to dial one of our access numbers, and the next time you need Internet access while on the road, connect with BAMnet!

  How does this work?
  Most PDA's have a modem option where you can plug your device into a phone jack on the wall. Once your modem is connected to the wall, tap into the "connections" menu and tap dial. Upon getting connected, open the browser software and start visiting various websites. If you would like to connect to the Internet through your cell phone, see our section on Connecting using a Cell Phone.
  How do I get started?
Visit our sign-up page, choose Individual or Group, and click "Buy Now" to create an account. Once your account is created, follow our directions for configuring your computer.



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