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  BAMnet Wi-Fi Hotspot Location Guide

What is Wi-Fi?
Wi-Fi, short for wireless fidelity, is a wireless technology that allows access to the Internet from within Wi-Fi access zones (called hotspots). Most laptops and PDAs sold today are Wi-Fi enabled. If your laptop or PDA is not Wi-Fi capable, you can purchase Wi-Fi cards at any computer store.

How does this work?
Since hotspot access points are limited, and the coverage area at each hotspot location is also limited, wireless access will require some effort to find the signal and gain access to the Internet. Use the Hotspot location finder (from above) to locate available hotspots. If there are no hotspots in the locations you will be traveling near, consider BAMnet's dialup modem network. The same username/password you create works for Wi-Fi access, 1-800, local, and International dialup.

Visit our Wi-Fi FAQ page for more details.




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